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Pest control is especially important for hotels for their being special targets of pests and for the impact pests might have on their business’ reputation.

It is vital to identify risks attached to each distinctive part of a hotel facilities and then develop a consistent program of control of such risks.

Kitchens and restaurant areas

Kitchen, restaurant and other areas need special care when it comes to rodents, ants and cockroaches, since these pests involve a high risk of disease transmission. A regular monitoring is vital in such areas.
When pest control is not adequate, or if disinfestations are not carried out properly, these unwanted guests may spread in areas where clients have access, with obvious sad consequences.

Hotel rooms

The most common pests infesting hotel rooms are bed bugs and other biting insects. Bed bugs are sadly becoming the most widespread pest in hotels all over the world. All hotels are subject to the risk of bed bugs, but especially hotels used by international guests, or where turnover is constant.

Quick and ultimate action is urgent in these cases; this is where our cryogenic treatment with liquid nitrogen comes into the picture and is at the basis of the final achievement.
In addition to that, we are happy to introduce one of the best methods of search of the presence of this bad pest – the anti-bed bugs dog unit.

Besides treatment and prevention, Eco-Friendly Pest Control is able to provide your staff with a basic formation to enable them to recognise the problem quickly.

Integrated assistance program for hotels

Our Pest Prevention Service has been designed to protect hotels form pests through a personalised program on the basis of the specific threats and your particular needs. Our technicians will inspect your facilities on a regular basis to check all the monitoring spots, identify any signs of the presence of pests and give appropriate suggestions to reduce the risks of future infestations.
When a treatment is needed, our constant search for an ever better and more tailored answer to your problem will mean that our technicians will be by your side so as to solve the problem once and for all.

For more information regarding the pest control program for your hotel or to request a free assessment, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.