Cockroaches and beetles

The problem

CockroachesCockroaches, commonly known as beetles, are divided into six different families. Their body structure allows them to penetrate inside any structure, such as sewers, electrical conduits and water drains. These insects are dangerous for your domestic hygiene. They nest wherever there is a bit of moisture and food, such as in kitchens and bathrooms. It is therefore vital to cleanse and disinfect such areas with low-environmental impact products.


Our solution

Did you find these pests?
Eco-Friendly Pest Control offers a free consultation to determine the severity of the infestation and the type of treatment that suits your reality. Advice will be followed by the on-site visit, which will solve the problem through the application of gel food and sanitizing with dry steam.


The body structure of roaches, or cockroaches, allows these insects to intrude within any structure without any difficulty. Sewers , electrical conduits, drains and water are the main routes of access for these insects.
Some of these insects are able to climb any surface thanks to the legs with pulvilli. By being also flat, they have no difficulty in penetrating even through the smallest gaps.

Cockroaches and beetles live in groups. Therefore the presence of just one insect is the evidence of an infestation and it needs immediate intervention.

The passage of cockroaches in sewers and drains makes their presence inside the inhabited places extremely dangerous. Their droppings are often the vehicle of transmission of infectious diseases such as salmonella, cholera and tuberculosis.

The constant vigilance, especially in the most at-risk buildings (drains, pipes, sinks, unglued tiles, etc.) is one of the most effective methods of preventing infestation by cockroaches .

There are approximately 3,500 known species of cockroaches worldwide. About 400 of these are also widespread in Britain. Here are the most common:

  • Orientalis or Common Cockroach is the most widespread in our homes. This category of cockroach is able to lay about 8 egg cases in which are contained 12-20 eggs. Particularly prone to proliferate in wet and fresh areas, the common cockroach is found near the sewer pipes, sinks, and in rooms with high humidity.
  • German (Gray Cockroach). This cockroach is equipped with wings and so it can fly. He lives 20 to 30 weeks and the female is able to lay 4 to 8 egg cases. It is also able to climb any surface and loves to infest particularly dark and damp places such as dishwashers, kettles etc. It feeds on porous materials such as wood or cardboard.
  • American Periplaneta. Also these cockroaches infest preferably dark, humid environments. Less common than other species, they have wings even though they fly very rarely.
    It is particularly large, able to reach even 4 cm in length. It can be found in places like drains of the toilet, kitchens, and in environments where foods are stored. It proliferates fast. A single female can lay about 200 eggs during a whole life. The cold temperature can block the reproduction of this kind of cockroach.
  • Cockroach of the Furniture. Unlike the other species, this beetle prefers hot and does not like humid environments. For this reason it is less prolific, as the egg cases are often subject to drying. Apparently similar to the gray cockroach, it tends to infest and lay eggs at the top of furniture, shelves and racks .

Cockroaches Pest Control method:

Because of the resistance of the eggs of these parasites, the usage of toxic pesticides is not recommended. Pesticides, in addition of being harmful to health, cannot completely eradicate the infestation which can recur after a few days .

Our company has developed ecological systems that ensure the success of our operation as well as the protection of your health: Usage of Dry Steam (almost 200 degrees) that disinfects from bacteria and get rid of all the eggs along with attractive non-toxic food (non-toxic for humans and pets) .

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