The problem

antThe ant is an insect pest extremely for its main feature to create huge colonies. Although seemingly harmless, it turns out to be a carrier of dirt and bacteria. The colonies are usually created in the garden, but then you can expand the infestation in your home, garage, on the stairs of the buildings, etc.


Our solution

Through the use of innovative techniques and high environmental compatibility, Eco Friendly Pest Control offers a non-invasive intervention, that will not hinder your normal activities.
The surgery is effective in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Contact us to talk to one of our experts and learn more about our methods of intervention.


Ecological Pest Control for Ants performs operations in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Our staff is able to eradicate ants from any kind of environment of innovative techniques and high environmental compatibility.
It is well known that ants are particularly harmful during seasonal change periods, when they are in search of food due to the queen ant’s extreme need for protein (this is the period of maximum generation of eggs) and in the early stages of identifying new sites where building the nest.
Ants have a highly developed sense of smell. They fall into the category of omnivorous insects but prefer sugar compounds. It is therefore essential (especially in periods of peak activity of these insects in search of food) to keep the places where food is stored well clean and tidy.
The Ants Pest Control is carried out by analyzing the habitual behaviors of these annoying insects.
The operation of Pest Control cannot ignore the distinction of the different existing families of ants. It is essential therefore, to analyze every aspect of behavior as well as feeding and proliferation.
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In England there are different types of ants that are able to make serious damage in environments where they can have access and this requires a targeted Pest Procedure.

The first step for a proper Ants Pest Control is the identification of the nest and elimination of the queen ant. It may nevertheless be useful to use substances that are particularly unbearable for ants so as to force them to flee away.
It is well known that this insect lives exclusively in large colonies.
The understanding of the hierarchical structure of these colonies allows us to work more effectively within the infested areas.
The colony is divided into three groups, defined on the basis of morphological characteristics as well as a strict division of labor.

  • Worker ants
  • Queen Ants
  • Males

The worker ant has the function of searching for food and extending the anthill with the creation of additional ways.
The Queen Ant (initially winged) spawns. The male ant (also winged) dies after mating.
To eradicate an infestation of ants there is not need to use toxic pesticides which, in addition to damaging health, tend to affect the worker ants out of the anthill without deleting the queens and males, which continue to proliferate.